Setup Time Schedules

Setup Time Schedules

1.0 Creating a New Time Schedule

  1. Click the Add icon in the Time Schedules icon group.
  2. A new time schedule is added to the list with a generic name and no active time interval.

  1. In the grid, enter the time interval values for this time schedule.

  1. In this example the time interval is set for Tuesday and Friday between 19:00 and 21:00 hours (7 to 9 PM). It is also active per the list of dates called out in holiday type 1.
  2. Click the save button in the grid - you will be asked to verify the save request.

  1. Click the Yes Button and the time interval is added to the time schedule.
  2. To add another time interval to this time schedule click on the time schedule name and then click the Add icon in the Time Interval group.
  3. Repeat the above steps to add another time interval - in this case Saturday between 09:00 and 11:00 hours.

  1. Click on the Time Schedule name and the grid changes to support Time Schedule parameters.
  2. Enter the descriptive Time Schedule name in the description field of the grid, click the save button in the grid, and verify the save request.

We now have a Janitorial Staff time schedule that allows access on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 PM, on Saturdays from 9 AM to 11 AM, and per the instructions in Holiday Group 1.

The schedule can quickly and easily be enabled by selecting Yes/No from the Enabled section in properties.


2.0 Time Schedule Modes

The schedule mode option configures how the schedule should operate. The options are: Off, On, Scan/Time Intervals, Offline Lockset and Scan - Honor day of Week.
Only the scan mode uses the Time Intervals to determine when the schedule should activate or deactivate.

3.0 Removing Time Intervals and Time Schedules

Removing a Time Interval or Time Schedule is simply a matter of selecting the desired item and clicking the appropriate Remove icon from the Time Interval or Time Schedule icon groups.

4.0 Editing Time Intervals and Time Schedules

Editing a Time Interval or Time Schedule is simply a matter of selecting the desired item, changing the appropriate values in the grid, and saving the grid changes.

 Please keep in mind that changing a Time Interval name if that interval has been assigned to Access Groups will have a drastic effect on the system.

5.0 Viewing and Editing Time Interval Settings

Once you have completed setting up Time Intervals and Schedules you can highlight the schedule and then quickly and easily view the assigned interval information.

Interval Properties

  • With the time schedule highlighted, refer to the schedule properties on the right.
  • Locate the Intervals section in the time schedule properties.
  • Listed will be the active intervals that are associated with the Time Schedule.

    Interval Properties Summary

  • Expand any of the intervals to view the extended settings.
  • Click into any of the fields (Start Time, End Time, Days of Week Map or Holiday Type Map), any of these fields can be altered by typing in a new value then clicking the save icon.


6.0 Printing Time Schedules and Intervals

As with the hardware properties grid, you have a print icon allowing you to print off the time schedule or time interval configurations.
  1. Highlight the Time Schedule name.
  2. Verify Advanced View is enabled for the properties.

    Time Schedules - Advanced View

  3. Expand the active time intervals to display the interval settings.

    Interval Settings

  4. Click the print icon.

    Time Schedules - Print Icon

  5. A Print Preview window will appear containing all the information from the properties grid.

    Print Preview

  6. Review the displayed information then click the Print button.
  7. A printer selection dialog box will appear and the default printer will be pre-selected.
  8. Select a different printer or click the OK button to print to the default printer.

    Print Dialog Box

  9. From this dialog box you can also access the printer properties.

7.0 Assigning a Different Time Interval for a Holiday Date

You may have an existing time schedule that opens certain doors automatically at 8am and then automatically closes those doors at 5pm. However, on certain holidays dates you may want those doors to lock earlier as there will only be staff members working during morning hours. For this example we will use a specific date; 24th December/Christmas Eve.

  1. Define the 24th December as a holiday date, ensure it is enabled and set it to a type, for example, Type 1.
  2. Go to the Time Schedules page and locate the existing schedule that automatically unlocks and locks the doors during a typical work week.

    Work Week Schedule

  3. With the existing schedule highlighted, click to add a new Time Interval.

    Add New Interval

  4. The new interval will be automatically highlighted.
  5. Enter a start time and a stop time for when the door(s) will automatically unlock and lock on the holiday date, i.e 8am - 12pm.

    New Interval Settings

  6. From the Active on Holiday section at the bottom of the properties grid, set Type 1 to Yes, then save.
  7. You must also ensure that Holiday Type 1 is set to No on the standard time interval - this is what will prevent the door(s) from staying open until 5pm.

    Active on Holiday Type 1

  8. The doors will then re-lock at 12pm on any day that is defined as a Type 1 holiday.

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