Doors.NET - Upgrade the SQL Express Version

Doors.NET - Upgrade the SQL Express Version

1.0 Introduction

Windows 11 has been approved for new installations of Doors.NET software from v4.8.0 and newer.
Windows 11 has been approved for older installations of Doors.NET software under the following conditions:

* The installation is upgraded to Doors.NET v4.8.0 or newer
* The installation has the SQL Express software upgraded to SQL Express 2019

A new installation means your Doors.NET software was a fresh software installation of Doors.NET v4.8.0 or newer. It was never upgraded from a previous Doors.NET software version. This caveat is necessary because Windows 11 requires Doors.NET software to use SQL Express 2019. Doors.NET software v4.4.0 and earlier revisions installs SQL Express 2016 which is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows 11.

If you are using Doors.NET v4.4.0 and older, you MUST update your Doors.NET software to v4.8.0 or newer if you wish to use Windows 11. You also MUST upgrade SQL Express from the 2016 version to SQL Express 2019.

Keri has done extensive testing with Doors.NET v5.0.0 and strongly recommends installing Doors.NET v5.0.0 or higher to ensure compatibility with Windows 11. While we know that Windows 11 is compatible with Doors.NET v4.8.0 and v4.9.0, we have confined our testing to basic installations and basic operation. Keri will only actively test v5.0.0 versions and newer for
Windows 11.

Note:   Please keep in mind, if you are using modems for Entraguard and controller communication, Doors.NET v4.8.0 is the last version that fully supports modem communication.

2.0 Download SQL Express 2019

  1. Go to a search engine and enter: 'SQL Express 2019 download'.
  2. Click on the link to the appropriate Microsoft website location.

    Note:  At the time of writing, this URL is: '

  3. Click on the DOWNLOAD button.
  4. The SQL Express 2019 installation file will download to your PC.
  5. Typically the file will be found in the 'Downloads' folder.

    SQL Express downloaded file

3.0 Install SQL Express 2019

  1. Double-click the installation file.
  2. Select CUSTOM as the installation type.

  3. Accept the default download location for the SQL Express installation media (the default location is:  C:\SQL2019 ).
  4. Click the INSTALL button and the installation package will be downloaded.
  5. The installation center window will appear.
  6. At the bottom of the list of options, select: 'Upgrade from a previous version of SQL Server'.

  7. Place a check mark to accept the license terms and conditions.
  8. Click the NEXT button.
  9. Place a check mark to use Microsoft Update to check for updates.
  10. Click the NEXT button.
  11. The installer will now check for updates.
  12. Next, ensure the ECLIPSE instance is detected and displayed. The current version will most likely be 13.x.xxxx.x.

  13. Click NEXT.
  14. You should see a message that the SQL 2019 upgrade has succeeded successfully.
  15. You will also see a prompt to restart the host PC. Click OK to confirm this.

  16. Click the CLOSE button.
  17. Reboot the PC.

P/N: 02416-001 Rev. A

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