The License Manager

The License Manager

License Manager

After installing the software and entering your license key you are prompted to run the License Manager.


License Manager


The License Manager is used initially to setup and configure your hardware gateways. When you open the License Manager for the first time the services listed down the left-side of the window will be highlighted in blue and will be noted as requiring configuration.


GW Setup - Image 1


Refer to the Gateway Configuration section for further details.


If you select Application Server from the list of services and then click the License tab, you will be able to view all the features and options which are installed on your system.


License Tab


• Branding - lists the program identity displayed to the user

• Capacities - lists basic program feature capacities and activated licensed capacities

• Optional Services - lists licensed application status (as applicable)

• Options - lists enabled optional features

• Server - lists server activation status

• Supported Hardware - lists the hardware gateways supported by this installation

• User Interface - Used to control the display of the user interface

• Video Options - lists the enabled video feature set

• Visitor Management - lists optional visitor management status


If any value is incorrect you must contact Keri Systems’ Inside Sales department to have your license updated.

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