Touchless Solutions from Allegion

Touchless Solutions from Allegion

There is a lot of information circulating about the COVID-19 pandemic; some is helpful, a great deal is confusing, and other rumours prove to be downright harmful.

Almost overnight, we found ourselves in a pandemic world, where viruses and bacteria picked up with our hands can prove dangerous and even fatal.  
The novel coronavirus changed the way we interact and the way we live.

Months into our new world, one good lesson remains abundantly clear and boils down to one reminder: just don’t touch. Don’t touch each other, don’t touch
surfaces others have touched, and by all means, be mindful of your proximity to others.

In light of our new way of life, the access control industry suddenly finds its products and processes more important than ever. New revelations in social hygiene have
changed everything about the way we live, and now we must adapt to safer ways to secure our spaces.

No single manufacturer has all the answers to every question; that’s why Keri Systems places such a high emphasis on partnerships with other
manufacturers who specialize in certain aspects of security technology.

Keri is currently concentrating on relationships with our visitor management partner, Savance for their exceptional visitor registration and tracking systems, and our close partnership with Allegion for their industry-leading wireless and touchless door-devices.  Keri integrates tightly with both of these associated manufacturers and has a strong history of successful installations.

Keri’s partnership with Allegion brings our customers various products that enable touchless (and near-touchless) access control. The professionals at Allegion recently authored some information on touchless products, along with cleaning and sanitizing techniques that are geared toward access control applications, but should be considered by anyone responsible for a public space:

Touchless Solutions From Keri Partner Allegion

  1. How to Properly disinfect high-touch surfaces: Disinfecting high-touch surfaces is an important tactic for reducing the transfer of germs. To disinfect door hardware, Allegion recommends following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) guidelines under “How to clean and disinfect,” which outline easy-to-prepare bleach or alcohol solutions for disinfecting your home or your building facility. To do this, you simply wipe surfaces gently with disinfectant, and do not spray or immerse. Per CDC guidelines, do not wipe the surfaces dry. Instead, allow them to air dry to give the disinfectant time to work effectively.

  2. To promote a healthy environment: Allegion offers a wide range of products that feature a silver ion antimicrobial coating. It is specially formulated to inhibit the growth of bacteria by interrupting cell multiplication. Ionic silver coatings interact with the bonding sites on the microbe surface. The result is that the silver ions surround bacterial cells, blockading food and slowing the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

  3. Touchless Access Solutions reduce contact transmission by decreasing the number of surfaces pedestrians touch in a facility, which thereby decreases opportunities for exposure. A common way to accomplish touchless operation is by pairing low energy automatic operators with actuators or readers.

Keri has held a close partnership with Allegion for many years now providing integrated access control offerings to augment their fine line of hardware entry products. With an integrated Keri access control solution Allegion wireless locks and door devices can become an integral part of a larger controlled environment. This total security solution may include: General Access Control, Elevator Control, Visitor Management, Turnstiles, Telephone Entry, Photo Badging and a host of other technologies.

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