Verify Communication By Performing a Telnet Session to Port 10001

Verify Communication By Performing a Telnet Session to Port 10001

This will test the default port used by Doors32/Doors.NET to communicate to the device.

The telnet command is preferred over the ping command in testing communications because the telnet command will give a specific response from the device, whereas the ping command may give a response from a different device (if there is a duplicate IP address on the network).

  1. In a command prompt window type in, telnet [IP address] 10001 then enter.
  2. If successful a blank screen and a blinking cursor will appear. The link LED (bottom green LED) will blink on and off on the LAN-520 AESP indicating that port 10001 is open. Close the command prompt window and the link LED should stop blinking.
  3. If telnet is unable to connect, then review the settings. If the settings are correct then contact a network administrator to verify the needed ports are available. Some operating systems and hardware, such as routers and firewalls are set to block ports. Ensure these firewalls have ports 10001, 10021, and 9999, open for communication with the Doors32 or Doors.NET software.

    Note: If you are able to telnet into port 9999 in the command prompt but not to 10001, it is very likely that the ports required by Doors are blocked and will require that a Network Administrator address the issue so a successful telnet session to port 10001 may take place.

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