Web Client Installation and User Guide

Web Client Installation and User Guide

  1.  Doors.WEB Installation guide and user manual (attached)

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    • Introduction to Doors.WEB

      This reference guide introduces you to Keri Systems new Doors.WEB™ web client. It explains the main features, functions and operation of the web client, plus pre-requisites for installation and the installation procedure itself. It can be very ...
    • Doors.WEB - Using Secure Sockets Layers

      It is very likely that you would want to protect their Doors.WEB™ client connections in the same way that is used when connecting to a bank's website (for online banking). This section of the help will guide you through the process of enabling ...
    • Doors.WEB Security Warning

      Because the Web Client is a simplified and limited version of Doors.NET there are many functions that can only be performed using standard Doors.NET™. This warning is aimed at preventing someone from being given software access and authority beyond ...
    • Doors.WEB Data Sheet

       Doors.WEB Data Sheet (attached)
    • Doors.WEB - Change the System Administrator Password

      Tools - Change Password Change Password  The Change Password feature allows you to quickly change the password of the currently logged on user. Click the Change Password icon, input the current password, followed by the new password, then ...