Doors.NET v4.9.0 Release Notes

Doors.NET v4.9.0 Release Notes

Doors.NET Release Notes - 01298-010 Rev. A

Doors.NET v4.9.0 Software - 02635-010

Operating System Compatibility

Doors.NET software IS COMPATIBLE with:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 - all versions
  • Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

All other operating systems are NOT SUPPORTED.


Microsoft .NET Framework Notes

  • Beginning with v4.8.0, Doors.NET uses .NET Framework v4.8.
  • If your PC does not already have .NET Framework v4.8 installed, the Doors.NET installer will stop and prompt you to install it.
  • All supported operating systems are compatible with Microsoft.NET Framework v4.6.2 or greater.
  • PhotoID Badging requires .NET Framework v3.5. If you are running the Microsoft Server 2019 operating system, you must install .NET Framework v3.5 prior to installing Doors.NET software, or else the PhotoID installation will fail. This is done via Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features > Install .NET Framework v3.5.


SQL Server Compatibility

If SQL is ALREADY INSTALLED on your computer:

  • The Doors.NET installer will poll the host computer and use the SQL version that is already installed.
  • This is true for both new Doors.NET installations and for Doors.NET upgrades.

If SQL is NOT INSTALLED on your computer:


64-bit computers using Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019:

  • SQL Server 2019 Express will be installed if SQL server is not already present.

64-bit computers using Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2:

  • You must manually install Microsoft SQL Server Express 2016 or 2017 if SQL server is not already present.

Link to Microsoft's SQL Server Express 2016 SP1 download page:


Link to Microsoft's SQL Server Express 2017 download page:


32-bit computers:

  • You must manually install the SQL revision appropriate for your operating system.
  • Keri recommends installing SQL Server 2014 (the last SQL Server supporting 32-bit computers).

Link to Microsoft's SQL Server Express 2014 download page:


Please Note

  • Doors.NET software installation will not begin if a Windows Update is in progress or a computer restart is pending due to a Windows Update. Make sure all Windows Updates have been completed prior to installing Doors.NET.

Support for PXL and Entraguard Modem Communication Has Ended

Doors.NET v4.8.0 was the last software revision that will support modem communication for PXL and Entraguard products.


Modem communication for PXL and Entraguard units IS NOT SUPPORTED beginning with Doors.NET v4.9.0.


Installers are notified of this change when selecting an Upgrade Installation in the Doors.NET installation program. Systems that have existing modem communication with controllers can continue to use modem communication using the existing configuration information. The Advanced View option will continue to display this information. Any new controllers added to an existing system must be added using either a serial connection or a LAN network connection. Should someone attempt to select modem communications a popup message box appears stating modem communication is no longer supported. Further, should someone change an existing communication path from modem to serial or network that change is made permanent and there is no reverting to modem communication.


This change was made due to the rapid conversion by telecommunication providers from POTS lines, which are completely modem compatible, to VOIP lines, which do not transfer data packets reliably and have differences that vary from vendor to vendor, making it impossible for us to ensure modem compatibility with all VOIP vendors and the VOIP hardware they use.


You can switch from modem communications to either of the following communication methods:


For Data Communication with Either PXL or Entraguard Units

  • Keri recommends replacing your modems with a LAN-520 Ethernet module.
  • Alternatively, if your computer has a serial communication port, you can use a direct-connection cable.

For Voice Communication with Entraguard Units

  • You will need a VOIP converter for voice calling between Entraguard units and tenants.
  • Keri recommends the Cisco SPA 112 VOIP Adapter, however your ISP likely has their preferred unit.


New Features in Doors.NET

  • Now allowing the use of Mercury MR16IN and MR16OUT boards on our NXT-MSC controllers.
  • Now supporting SimonsVoss lock sets. SimonsVoss has Gold Level certified Keri's implementation of their lock sets.
  • Now providing OSDP reader support on NXT-MSC and Mercury controllers.
  • Keri has created a new "WorkHour Calculation" option in Reports. This report provides the number of hours a cardholder has been in a facility on a daily basis using First Time IN and Last Time OUT for the calculation. The hours are listed in decimal format to two places so an operator can note fractions of an hour.
  • Added an Update Network menu option under the controller right-click menu and added an Auto-Config menu option for controllers under the NXT gateway right-click menu.
  • Added the ability to simulate PIN operations in the Simulate Credential feature.
  • Changed the hardware call outs for Mercury hardware to fully match the Mercury nomenclature.
  • Added the ability in Cardholder Reports to run a report showing which cardholders have a photo associated with that cardholder, which do not have a photo, or ignore photo status entirely.
  • Added software installation tracking to the Doors.NET installer. The file, installerversion.txt, will be created or updated every time a Doors.NET software installation is performed, allowing tracking of installations over time.
  • Added TLS support to NXT-MSC controllers. This requires the user to have purchased a TLS certificate and then load the certificate information into the controller and into the Windows certificate store on the PC running the gateway.


Program Improvements

For Doors.NET

  • Added a license check on Credential Types and a popup message warning if a user switches credentials to Facility Code mode. The Facility Code button is disabled by default until you enable the Credential Types menu. The popup message appears when the user clicks the Facility Code button. The popup message informs users of the possible security risk that any credential format that has "Suppress Facility Code" checked allows those credentials access with no Facility Code check at all. The user must acknowledge this statement to proceed with the change.
  • Added a check on Doors.NET installations on PCs using Microsoft Server 2012 and 2012R2 operating systems. Doors.NET v4.9.0 software installs SQL Server Express 2019 which is not compatible with Microsoft Server 2012 and 2012R2 operating systems. If the Doors.NET installer sees Microsoft Server 2012 or 2012R2 operating systems it will prompt the operator to exit the installer and manually install either SQL Express 2016 or 2017. Or to install Doors.NET v4.4.0 (which includes SQL Express 2016) prior to installing v4.9.0.
  • Changed how block selection of cardholders is made to allow mass editing. You can now hold down the Ctrl key to make a number of individual cardholder selections or use the Shift key to select and drag through a continuous group of cardholders. Release the Ctrl/Shift key and mass editing is now available (assuming more than one cardholder was selected).
  • Corrected a synchronization issue with the "Require Controller Online" and "Download Cardholders With No Access Rights" settings on NXT-MSC and Mercury gateways that prevented a change to Access Rights from being sent to controllers.
  • Corrected a grid refresh issue that did not automatically update credential status if the credential was Deactivated.
  • Increased the character limit for GLS SMTP Host to the maximum allowed 128 characters.
  • Corrected a window refresh issue for multiple controller types when moving controllers from one gateway to another that required restarting the client for proper display.
  • Corrected a grid refresh issue that prevented the discovery and display of an existing controller that was deleted and reset.
  • Re-enabled support for Time Server Setting on NXT-MSC-2D controllers.
  • Corrected recognition of the optional, second door satellite board on a PXL-500G controller.
  • Corrected a client-only uninstallation issue that resulted in multiple invalid error messages. The uninstallation process did work correctly, the error messages were incorrect.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented a manual override of a Temp Unlock command that was greater than one minute.
  • Disabled the cardholder grid during a mass edit operation to ensure the mass edit completes without issues. If an operator started a mass edit operation and attempted cardholder operations before the mass edit completed, certain cardholder changes would not be made.
  • Corrected an Elevator Control issue where under certain conditions a Temporary Unlock command would only temporarily unlock floors associated with Bus 1 on a controller unless the Temporary Unlock was executed twice.
  • Corrected an Access Group assignment. If a reader was removed from an Access Group assignment, it was being removed from all Access Group assignments.
  • Corrected a display issue on a standard Doors.NET license installation. When closing all operation windows the task ribbon did not always return to the default home ribbon.
  • Added a check that will not allow a PXL controller Strike Time to be set lower than 1 second.
  • Added a check to prevent a PXL/EG gateway from crashing should the time stamp for a controller status command be corrupt.
  • Standardized how cardholder deactivations are handled in the PXL gateway between the cardholder form and the Deactivate button on the cardholder ribbon.
  • Corrected an Update Network flag update issue with NXT-MSC that incorrectly, continually shows that a network update is necessary.
  • Corrected a reversed configuration value following a Doors32 to Doors.NET database upgrade. The APB status was opposite to what it should be.
  • Added local exception handling to address unexpected DNS errors that prevented login to the Application Server.
  • Corrected an issue with setting Operator Permissions that required a client restart for the settings change to be fully implemented.
  • Corrected a issue with PXL-500W controllers reporting incorrect credential read status on Reader Two should Reader One be disabled.

For Visual Doors

  • Restored access to the PXL LC and G controller types and satellite boards in the Hardware window.
  • Corrected the maximum number of Entraguard ID digits allowed in the VisualDoors client from five to six.
  • Added a warning screen to notify a user that you cannot change directly from one reader type to another, but must delete the existing reader type then add the new reader type.
  • Corrected an Update Network flag update issue with NXT-MSC that incorrectly, continually shows that a network update is necessary.
  • Added a duplication test as the UI would allow the same 26-bit Wiegand credential to be enrolled multiple times.

Allegion Specific in VisualDoors

  • Increased the maximum number of characters allowed in certain text box strings as these strings were reaching maximum characters allowed and truncating necessary data and information.
  • Ensured proper display of VisualDoors at all screen resolutions. Certain screen resolutions would incorrectly display the program window.
  • Added a page loading progress wheel so a user knows when the initial loading of cardholder data is complete. This ensures cardholder data is fully uploaded and protects against prematurely performing operations that can create program instability.
  • Corrected an issue where only the first 10 devices assigned to an Access Group were displayed. Now all devices assigned to an Access Group are displayed.

For Borealis

  • Added a link to the Borealis website to the Doors.NET App drop-down menu.


  • Changed LDAP implementation so a full import will no longer clear any existing note fields.


Current Firmware Revisions

For NXT Hardware:

  • NXT-MSC Controller - v1.293
  • Standard NXT Controller - 2.05.80
  • NXT Controller Bootloader - 2.00.01
  • NXT Reader - 4.00.03
  • Standard and WIPLUS Reader Interface Modules (RIMs) - 3.03.21
  • Wiegand-Only Reader Interface Modules (now obsolete - replaced by the WIPLUS)
    • 3.03.21 provides single-line LED support for Wiegand-Only RIMs
    • 3.03.10 provides dual-line LED support for Wiegand-Only RIMs
  • 4x4 I/O Module - 3.00.03
  • GIOX Motherboard - 1.00.21
  • GIOX Input Module - 1.00.10
  • GIOX Output Module - 1.00.10

For PXL:

  • Standard PXL Controller - 8.6.09
  • Legacy PXL Controller - 8.5.22 (requires a Legacy license for operation)

For Entraguard:

  • Standard Titanium and Silver - 7.8.02
  • Standard Platinum - 9.2.02
  • Legacy Titanium and Silver - 7.6.13 (requires a Legacy license for operation)
  • Legacy Platinum - 9.1.09 (requires a Legacy license for operation)

For Neutron:

  • Neutron Controller - 1.00.19
  • Neutron Bootloader - 1.00.08

For Mercury LP Hardware:

  • LP Controller - 1.296 (new revision - see information below)

For Mercury EP Hardware:

  • EP Controller - 1.291

Firmware Improvements

Mercury LP Controller Firmware v1.296

  • Corrected an issue with delayed relay reaction to card presentation on LP1502 controllers.

Known Issue with NXT-MSC Firmware

  • The default pulse time for the MR16OUT is currently fixed at the default 5 seconds and Local Linkages will not allow a Single Pulse selection. This is due to an issue within the Mercury NXT-MSC firmware. Mercury Security is aware of the issue and is working on a correction.


Click here for the software release history.

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