Cardholder Access Rights

Cardholder Access Rights

The Access Rights page displays a list of all the access groups that have been defined on the system. Access Groups consist of the readers on the system, along with the associated time schedules. Once access groups have been added to the system they are assigned to cardholders via the cardholder Access Rights tab.


Cardholder Access Rights


The access rights defined the where (the reader) and the when (the associated time schedule) for granting access purposes. Click the tree expansion box (plus sign at the left of the access group name), to view which readers and time schedules are part of that group. Each reader in an access group may have a different or same selection of time schedule as the other listed readers. A change to an access group immediately affects any cardholders that are assigned that access group.


Cardholder Access Rights B

Access Group Assignment

  1. Click on the Access Rights tab to view the list of Access Group available for assignment.



  1. Check the tick-boxes corresponding to the Access Groups you wish to assign to the cardholder. You may assign more than one Access Group*.
  2. Click the tree expansion box to view the details of an Access Group.



  1. Click the save  icon in the upper-left corner of the window to save the access rights to the cardholder.


* When using the PXL family of hardware there are limitations placed upon the access groups that can be assigned to a cardholder. Refer to the 'PXL Access Rights Limitations' section for further information about this.


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