Global Unlock - Hardware

Global Unlock - Hardware

Global Unlock From a Hardware Input

1.0 Introduction

Doors.NET has the ability to perform a Global Unlock of all doors on the system from any available input on the system. As long as the input is not configured for a door function; such as request-to-exit or door contact it can be configured as a global unlock trigger.

The input but can be located either on a controller or on a connected module, such as an NXT 4x4, NXT GIOX or an SCP-MR16IN-S3. The Global Unlock command will operate across all gateways, included gateways of different hardware types.

You can also configure certain doors to not respond to the Global Unlock commands.



  • When sending the Global Unlock commands from the software to PXL hardware there is a delay of approximately one second between each controller receiving the command. For this reason, if you wish for all doors to immediately receive the Global Unlock command you should use the dedicated Global Unlock input located on the PXL Primary controller.

  • Global Unlock is not supported with PXL controllers when communication is via a modem connection. Situation Manager with PXL controllers requires a Serial or Ethernet connection and all controllers must have the most up-to-date controller firmware 08.06.09.

  • Global Unlock is only supported in the Doors.NET software. It is not available in the Visual Doors client.

2.0 Enabling the Global Unlock Feature

  1. From within the software, click on Setup >> System Options.

    Global Unlock - Hardware - Image 1

  2. Click on Situation Manager on the left.
  3. On the Situation Manager General properties, set the feature to be Enabled.

    Global Unlock - Image 2

  4. On the Situation Manager Global Configuration, ensure you have the following settings.

    Global Unlock - Hardware - Image 3

  5. Save your settings then close down the System Options window.

3.0 Assigning the Global Unlock Function to an Input

The following section assumes you have a standard NXT or NXT-MSC controller added to the system and online. It also assumes you have added the NXT 4X4 module to one of the controller's buses.

  1. Go to Setup >> Hardware Setup >> All.

    Global Unlock Hardware - Image 4
  2. Locate the controller in the hardware tree.
  3. Double-click the controller to display the buses.
  4. Double-click the bus which has the NXT 4x4 module connected to it.

    Global Unlock - Hardware - Image 5

  5. Rename the input on the 4x4 module that you will be using as the Global Unlock input.

    Global Unlock - Hardware - Image 6

  6. With the input still highlighted, ensure Advanced View is enabled for the input properties.

    Global Unlock - Hardware  Image 7

  7. Scroll down the input properties and locate Situation Manager >> Global Unlock Input.Set this to Yes.

    Global Unlock - Hardware - Image 8

  8. Save the input settings.

4.0 Testing the Global Unlock Input Trigger

  1. You can now test the configured Global Unlock input.
  2. Activate the input by changing its state (by default the system inputs are set to normally-closed so when the circuit opens it will be in alarm state). You can of course change the circuit type within the input properties.

    Global Unlock Hardware - Image 9

  3. When the Global Unlock input is activated you should notice all doors on the system unlock.
  4. When the Global Unlock input is activated you should notice all doors on the system unlock.

    Global Unlock Hardware - Image 10

  5. The doors will re-lock again when the Global Unlock input goes secure.

    Global Unlock Hardware - Image 11

  6. By default, if you have multiple gateway types or multiple gateways then all online doors on the access control network will globally unlock (excluding PXL controllers) when the global unlock input is active.

    5.0 When Using PXL-500 Controllers...

    Note: If you have a system that has PXLs controllers as well as NXT or MSC controllers be aware that the PXLs controllers will not, by default respond to a Global Unlock input from a 4x4 module. If you want the PXL network to also Globally Unlock you have to highlight the primary PXL, then in the controller properties set 'Use System Global Lock/Unlock' to Yes, enable Global Unlock and set the unlock type to 'Unlock All Doors'.


    Global Unlock Hardware - Image 12


    6.0 Configure Doors to Ignore the Global Unlock Trigger

      You can configure doors to ignore the Global Unlock from the 4x4 input:

      1. Highlight the reader in the hardware tree.
      2. In the reader properties scroll down to Situation Manager >> Ignore Global Unlock.
      3. Set this option to Yes.

        Global Unlock - Image 13

      4. Save the reader settings.
      5. This door will then remain locked when the global unlock input activates.
      6. To configure PXL doors to ignore Global Unlock, you have to highlight the primary and change 'Unlock All Doors' to 'Use Individual Door Settings'. Save this settings.
      7. Then highlight a PXL reader (ensure Advanced View is enabled).
      8. Scroll down the reader properties and locate Ignore Global Unlock.
      9. Set this to Yes.


      Note: When PXL controllers are set to use individual door settings they will not globally unlock immediately. You will notice a delay of approximately 1 second between unlocking each of the PXL doors, this can result in a delay of several seconds, or even minutes on very large systems, which for many installations this is not acceptable system behavior.

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