Global Unlock - Software

Global Unlock - Software

Global Unlock from the Doors.NET Software

1.0 Introduction

This section explains how to use the Global Unlock feature activated from the Doors.NET software via icons located on the home tab. This feature allows you to immediately unlock all doors or a designated group of doors, over multiple controllers and even over different hardware platforms.

This feature is included in all versions of Doors.NET and is supported with all controller types. When configured, all configured doors on the system will automatically unlock when the operator presses the Global Unlock icon. All the doors will re-lock again when the Normal button is pressed.


Global Unlock - Software - Image 1

Note: Global Unlock is not supported with PXL controllers when communication is via a modem connection. Situation Manager with PXL controllers requires a Serial or Ethernet connection and all controllers must have the most up-to-date controller firmware 08.06.09. 

2.0 Enabling Software Global Unlock

  1. Ensure you are logged on as a System Administrator.
  2. Verify that Advanced View is enabled.
  3. Click on Setup >> System Options.

    Global Unlock Setup - Image 1

  4. Click on Situation Manager.
  5. Enable Situation Manager.

    Global Unlock Setup - 2

  6. Global Unlock Enabled will automatically be set to Yes.
  7. Ensure you have the following settings within the Global Configuration section.

    Global Unlock - Software - Image 2

  8. Save the settings then close down the System Options window.

    Global Unlock - Image 3

3.0 Activating the Global Unlock

  1. Go to the Home tab and you will now see two icons listed in the Situation Manager section:

    Global Unlock - Software - Image 4

  2. You now have the ability to immediately unlock every door on the system simply by clicking the Global Unlock icon.
  3. When you click the Global Unlock icon a notification message will appear.

    Global Unlock - Software - Image 5

  4. Click the Change button and all doors will immediately unlock.
  5. You should see multiple door unlocked messages appear in the live events grid.
  6. Click on the Normal icon and all the doors will re-lock.


Global Unlock - Software - Image 4

The icon highlighted in orange is the currently active global state of the system.

4.0 Configuring Doors to Ignore Global Unlock

You may want certain doors to always remain locked (or accessible only by a valid card) even in the event of an emergency. For example; store rooms or server/IT rooms. When doors are configured to ignore Global Unlock they will remained locked whilst the other doors globally unlock.

  1. In the hardware tree, click on a door you wish to ignore Global Unlock.
  2. In the reader/door properties, ensure Advanced View is enabled.

    Global Unlock Software - Image 6

  3. Scroll down the list of properties until you locate Situation Manager.
  4. Set Ignore Global Unlock to Yes.

    Global Unlock Software - Image 7

  5. Save your reader settings. save icon

5.0 Using PXL-500 Controllers

All hardware types, by default will automatically unlock via a Global Unlock command from the software, except for PXL controllers. To enable this feature on the PXLs you have to:

  1. Highlight the PXL Primary controller (#1).
  2. Locate Options.
  3. Set Global Unlock Enabled to Yes.
  4. Set Use System Global Lock/Unlock to Yes.
  5. Save Save icon.


Note: When using the PXL controllers the doors will immediately unlock as a result of Global Unlock only if ALL doors are configured to unlock. If you program certain PXL doors to ignore Global Unlock you will experience a delay of up to 1 second between the unlocking of each door, which is not the desired behavior for many systems.


Global Unlock Software - PXLs

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