Cardholder Templates

Cardholder Templates

The Doors.NET system uses the concept of of templates to facilitate repetitive data entry when creating a new cardholder record. These templates can be changed to suit your preferences. For example, a template can be assigned a certain access group, or groups so that any new block-enrolled cards (enrolled with that template) will all be automatically assigned the same access rights.

Cardholder Template Settings

Activation/Expiration Dates


Cardholder Templates allow you to configure a specific Activation Date and Expiration Date for card assignment. This is typically used with the Block Enrollment feature.


Enable the Advanced View feature to enable the Cardholder Templates feature.



  1. Click the Template Entry box to enable the Cardholder Templates tab and click on the tab to open the Templates window.
  2. Click the Add Template button and the Properties data field opens.
  3. Enter a template Description.
  4. Enter an Activation Date for credentials created using this template.
  • Current Date - enters the date the enrollment is performed.
  • Fixed Date - does not enter a specific activation date. You will have to enter activation dates individually.

  1. Enter an Expire Date:
  • Fixed Date - does not enter a specific expiration date. You will have to enter expiration dates individually.
  • Calculate Date - enter the number of days past the activation date at which the credential should expire.



  1. Click the SAVE button when all information is entered.


Setting a specific Access Group (or Groups)

Cardholder templates can be used in combination with Design Mode to automatically assign an access group or a selection of access groups to new cardholders. Any newly enrolled cardholders with the template selected will automatically be assigned the access group that is selected for the cardholder template.


  1. Click the Design Mode icon from the upper-left corner.

    Design Mode Icon

  2. Select the cardholder template from the template drop-down list.
  3. Go to the Access Rights tab and select the access group(s) to use with this template (this can be done from any cardholder record) but choose a cardholder that will use these access rights.
  4. Click the save icon and you will see a notification informing you that you are changing the template.

    Cardholder Template_Image 2

  5. Click yes to this message.
  6. Click the Design Mode icon again to exit design mode.

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