Doors.NET to Borealis Database Conversion Procedure

Doors.NET to Borealis Database Conversion Procedure

1.0 Introduction

The database conversion tool allows you to convert a Doors.NET system to a Borealis system. It will copy across cardholders, credentials, controllers and door information, plus time schedules and holidays. The easy-to-use wizard allows you to connect to an existing Doors.NET system to retrieve the system data and then connect to your new Borealis system to perform the data conversion.

Important Notes:
  1. Access group names and access group information is NOT included - therefore all access groups must be recreated in Borealis once you have completed the conversion.
  2. At this time, only the Keri NXT and NXT-MSC controller types are supported.  'Real Mercury' controllers, for example, the LP series hardware support will be included in the future.
  3. If you are importing Keri NXT controllers, all controllers must be programmed with a MAC address and IP address.
  4. Once you have completed the conversion, NXT-MSC controllers will require a reset (from the controller screen in Borealis). Standard Keri NXT controllers will not require a reset.
  5. If you are using keypads and the Card + PIN feature, you should enable keypads on the hub(s) and also enable the PIN settings within the Borealis System Settings. Refer to the Dual Verification setup guide for further information.
  6. Following the successful conversion, the controllers will not be fully functional until you have contacted Keri Systems inside sales to process your Borealis cloud subscription.

2.0 Pre-Configuration Requirements

This document assumes that you are familiar with the basic steps for setting up a new Borealis system. Prior to performing the data conversion, you will need to have completed the following steps:
  1. Registered a new Borealis account.
  2. Created a new system - (You will need to contact Keri Systems for this step).
  3. Created a new site
  4. Added a hub to the site - When you add a new hub, ensure the site has the correct controller type that is currently being used in the existing Doors.NET system (Keri NXT or NXT-MSC and Mercury Controllers).
  5. Doors.NET Software - Should be updated to the most current version and all controllers should be updated to the latest firmware version (included with Doors.NET). 

3.0 Using Multiple Hubs

The conversion tool supports the use of multiple hubs. Multiple hubs are used in the following circumstances:
  1. If controllers are located in different geographical time zones.
  2. If controllers are on different subnets.
  3. If you are using standard NXT AND NXT-MSC controllers.
  4. If you have more than 32 doors on your site. 
Note: To use multiple hubs you will need to run the conversion tool again (for each hub you will be using). When you run the conversion tool a second time, the controller mapping screen will display any previously imported controllers as 'Already Imported'.

4.0 Download the Borealis Conversion Tool 

The conversion tool can be downloaded from the Software Downloads section of the website (located via the 'Borealis conversion' tile).

  1. You will need to be logged-in to the Kerisys website with a registered username and password to download the conversion tool.
  2. The quickest and easiest method of performing the data conversion is to run the utility from the PC that has the Doors.NET system installed.

  1. Visit
  2. In the upper-right of the home screen, click on the MEMBER LOGIN button.

  3. Log into the website with your registered user name and password.
  4. Click on the tile named 'Borealis Conversion Tool'.
  5. You will now see the landing page for the Conversion Tool.
  6. On the right side of the screen, click on the link named 'Borealis Conversion Tool v1.0.0.x (Zip).
  7. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the ZIP file.
  8. The ZIP file will be downloaded to the PC.
  9. Right-click and extract the contents of the downloaded file.

5.0 Run The Conversion Tool Wizard

You are not required to install the utility. Just download the zip file named Borealis Conversion Tool V1.0.0.x (Zip).

  1. Right-click the ConversionTool.exe executable file and select 'Run as Administrator'.

  2. Log in with a Doors.NET system administrator username and password (the default system administrator login is admin/admin).

  3. Click the LOGIN button.
  4. Once logged-in, click NEXT.
  5. Log in with your Borealis username (registered e-mail address) and password.

  6. Click LOGIN.
  7. Once you are logged-in successfully, click NEXT.
  8. The available Borealis system will be displayed in the drop-down list.
  9. Select the system, then click APPLY SYSTEM.
  10. A summary of the system data will be displayed. The upper section displays the detected number of cardholders, credentials and controllers. The lower section displays a summary of the detected, existing hardware in the Doors.NET system.

  11. Review the displayed system data.
  12. On the left-side of the window, you will see a list of other Doors.NET-supported hardware types and various features. Beneath the hardware types is a legend that outlines whether the hardware type is supported, will be supported or will not ever be supported.

  13. Once you have reviewed the new and old system data, if it is correct, click NEXT.
  14. You will now see a list of all the cardholders and credentials that have been detected. Any cardholders and credentials that exist in Borealis will be displayed in the upper part of the window, the detected cardholders and credentials for the Doors.NET system, in the lower section. If there are no cardholders in the Borealis system you will only see the detected Doors.NET cardholders.

  15. When you have reviewed the full list, if all is correct, click the NEXT button.
  16. Next, are the hardware mapping screens. The first one is for Standard NXT and second is for NXT-MSC controllers:


    - If you have only 1 hub added to the Borealis system, the hub will be pre-selected.
    - If you have more than one hub in your Borealis system, ensure the correct hub is selected.
    - You can de-select any controllers that you do not wish to include in the import (to the selected hub).
    - If you do not use one of the supported controllers types (Keri NXT Standard or Keri NXT-MSC), then click the SKIP button.

    Standard NXT Hardware Mapping Screen

    NXT-MSC Hardware Mapping Screen

  17. You will now see any holidays that have been detected. Review the list then click NEXT.

  18. The detected time schedules will now be displayed. If there are any duplicated time schedules detected, these will have been automatically de-selected. Review the displayed information, then click NEXT.

  19. You will now see the database conversion validation window. You will see a summary of all the cardholders, credentials, holidays, schedules and controllers that will be included.

  20. Click the VALIDATE button and you should see a message that everything is valid.
  21. Click the IMPORT button, click YES to confirm going ahead with the conversion.
  22. A few seconds later you will see a message that the conversion was successful.

  23. You can now log into your Borealis system via a web browser and all the converted data will be displayed.

6.0 Disable the Doors.NET Services

Once you have completed the conversion to Borealis you will need to stop and disable the Doors.NET Windows services on the Doors.NET host machine.
  1. On the previous Doors.NET host PC enter Control Panel into the Windows Search Field.
  2. Click on Administrative Tools.
  3. Click on Services.
  4. Scroll down the list of Windows services and select the first Doors.NET service.
  5. Right-click the first Doors.NET service and select Properties.
  6. Set the service to Disabled and if the service is running, stop the service.

  7. Click OK then repeat the previous steps for the other Doors.NET services.

7.0 Purchase the Controller(s) Cloud Subscription

Following the successful conversion, the controllers will not be fully functional until you have contacted Keri Systems inside sales to process your Borealis cloud subscription.

When you call inside sales you will need to provide your registered e-mail address and the name of your site. 

8.0 Reset NXT-MSC Controllers

The NXT-MSC controllers will also need a reset once they have been purchased. The reset will clear any existing data and a full update will then be sent to the controller. The following steps explain how to reset an NXT-MSC controller:
  1. From within Borealis, click on the main menu icon. 
  2. Then go to Installer Menu >> Controllers. You will see a list of all the imported controllers.
  3. Click on the controller you wish to reset.
  4. The controller screen will appear.
  5. Click on the Reset icon (located above the controller image).

  6. Click the reset icon again to perform a basic reset on the controller. It will clear the access control information in memory but will not remove the controller's network settings.
  7. The controller will reset and will momentarily go offline (for a few seconds). You may wish to view live events to verify when the controller is back online.

9.0 Firmware Upgrade the Controllers

Keri Systems recommends that prior to the conversion, you have installed the most current version of the Doors.NET software and have updated the controllers to the latest firmware. If this has not been done you will need to update the controller firmware using Borealis. Controller firmware upgrade instructions can be found here.

10.0 Configure and Assign Access Rights

As mentioned at the beginning of the document, access groups and access rights information is NOT included in the data conversion. All access groups and access rights assignment must be done in Borealis following the conversion.

  1. Click here for setting up new access rights.
  2. Click here for assigning access rights to cardholders.

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