Doors.NET Troubleshooting Guide

Doors.NET Troubleshooting Guide

The following guide aims to assist you in troubleshooting and identifying some of the issues that may be encountered when setting up and using the Doors.NET software and supported hardware. The likely causes and suggested corrective actions are listed roughly in order of what is most likely.


Likely Cause

 Corrective Action/Workaround

Doors.NET is Failing
to Install

  1. You are attempting to install Doors.NET on an unsupported Windows operating system.
  2. Software installation will not begin if a Windows Update is in progress or a computer restart is pending due to a Windows Update.
  3. The host PC may not meet the minimum requirements for running Doors.NET.
  4. Anti-virus software may be blocking the installation.

  1. Refer to the host PC requirements document to find out which are the Doors.NET supported Windows operating systems. You may need to install an older version of Doors.NET.
  2. Make sure all Windows Updates have been completed (.NET Framework and Microsoft Security updates) prior to installing Doors.NET.
  3. Refer to the host PC requirements document to ensure that the host PC has the minimum specs for running Doors.NET.
  4. Disable the anti-virus software, install Doors.NET, add Doors.NET as an exception and then re-enable the anti-virus software.

Doors.NET is Taking a Long Time to Install

  1. Doors.NET will take much longer to install if the host PC has a Hard-Disk Drive (HDD) as opposed to a Solid State Drive (SSD).
  2. SQL Express may also need to be installed.
  3. You may have a slow internet connection.

  1. Keri Systems strongly recommends installing Doors.NET on a PC which has an SSD.
  2. On a brand-new PC SQL Express will also need to be installed, which will add to the installation time.
  3. Check your internet speed. If it is considerably slow you may need to reboot your router - or check with your ISP.

Cannot Log in to the Admin Client

  1. User name or password may be incorrect.
  2. The Application Server service may not be running.
  3. The SQL Server service may not be running.
  4. The server's IP address may be incorrect.
  5. You may not be able to connect to the database.
  6. Firewall may be blocking the connection.
  7. Client count may be exceeded.
  8. Client config file may be corrupted.

  1. Ensure the user name and password is being entered correctly.
  2. Verify that the Application Server windows service is running.
  3. Verify that the SQL Eclipse instance windows service is running.
  4. If you are connecting to a remote Doors.NET Application Server, ensure you are entering the IP address correctly.
  5. Go into License Manager and test the connection to the SQL database.
  6. If there is a firewall on either or both of the PCs check that the Keri Systems Client applications has been added to the list of exceptions.
  7. If you are getting a message that the client count has been exceeded and you wish to have more than one concurrent client connection, check that the correct number of clients are enabled on your license.
  8. If you are seeing a long error message when attempting to login you will need to enable the display of hidden files and then delete the user config file that is specified near the beginning of the error message.

"Incorrect Core Version" Message after Logging In

  1. The Doors.NET (remote) client and the application server are not running the same version.

  1. The Doors.NET (remote) client and the application server must be running exactly the same version. If you are running a remote client you must ensure  the client is updated to the same version that the application server is running.

Block Enroll Icon is

  1. Advanced View is not enabled.

  1. If your license key is set to use the distribution interface then certain features will be restricted until you enable Advanced View, Block Enroll is one of these features. This restriction will apply even if you are a System Administrator. Click here for instructions about enabling Advanced View.

Cardholder Add button is Grayed-Out 

  1. The operator account may not have permissions to add new cardholders.
  2. Ensure a valid cardholder template is selected for the cardholder.

  1. Check the operator permissions for the account that's logged in. Ensure they have the rights to add cardholders.
  2. In DNET all cardholders must have a valid template assigned. By default, new cardholders are assigned either Total or Unassigned.

Cannot Run the CSV Database Import

  1.  The header names in the cardholder spreadsheet are incorrectly named.

  1. The header names in the cardholder Excel spreadsheet must match the values that appear when you right-click the main body of the Generic Import utility. For example, the first name header must be named 'First_Name'.

Access Groups not Displaying after a CSV Database Import

  1. Generic Import Utility has not been run twice.
  1. When importing a .CSV file using the generic import utility, you need to run the import twice. First time is to import the cardholder and credential details and the second is to import the access groups and to check for multiple access groups.

Getting Access Denied
- Not in File

  1. There are various reasons why a cardholder would be generating access denied - not in file events in live events.
  1. Refer to the access denied - not in file video on the Keri Systems YouTube channel.

    Note: Standard NXT doors are not added to Total Access automatically and will therefore need to be added manually.

Getting Access Denied - Never at this Schedule

  1. There are various reasons why a cardholder would be generating access denied - never at this schedule event in file in live events.
  1. Refer to the access denied - never at this schedule video on the Keri Systems YouTube channel.

Gateway is Offline After a Database Import

  1. Gateway Wizard has not been run.
  1. After attaching a database (i.e following a Doors32-to-Doors.NET conversion), you will need to run the Gateway Wizard - the gateway will then be online.

Access Denied - Invalid Wiegand Format

  1. The Wiegand format has not been added to Credential Types.
  1. If you are using 'non-standard' Wiegand format credentials, for example: 32-bit MIFARE credentials, you will need to select and add this format to Doors.NET (Setup >> Credential Types). If the Credential Types icon is grayed-out it will need to be enabled on your Doors.NET license.

Card + PIN is Not Functioning

  1. The correct manufacturer model is not selected.
  2. A Dual Verification time schedule is not assigned.
  3. PIN digit length has not been defined on the controller.
  4. Card + PIN mode has not been set.
  5. The cardholder does not have a PIN assigned.
  1. Ensure the correct manufacturer model is selected in the reader properties.
  2. Ensure there is a valid Dual Verification time schedule assigned to the reader (in the reader properties).
  3. Enable Advanced View and in the controller properties, verify that the PIN Digit length has been set in the controller memory options.
  4. Select the reader and set the reader mode as Card + PIN (either via right-click >> Mode or via the ribbon bar).
  5. Select the cardholder and in the General properties ensure there is an assigned PIN.

Controller Timestamp is not Displayed in Live Events

  1. The controller timestamp field is not Enabled.
  1. Use the live events field chooser to ensure the controller timestamp field has
    been selected.

Getting Access Granted - No Entry in Live Events

  1. You are using NXT-MSC or MSC controllers and the door contact is enabled but the
    door doesn't open.

  1. If you have the door contact enabled but the door is not physically opened after a valid card read you will get access granted - no entry - instead of access granted. The access granted event will appear when the door is physically opened after the valid card read.

    You can, however, generate access granted for 
    every valid card read (even when the door contact is enabled) if you go into the reader's advanced properties and enable the setting for 'Log All Access as Used'. 

Getting Firmware Update Required Events
in Live Events

  1.  The controller's firmware needs to be upgraded.

  1. Follow the instructions on the knowledge base to upgrade the firmware on the controller:

    - NXT-MSC Controller Firmware Upgrade

    - NXT Controller Firmware Upgrade

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